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BerandaSARJANA (S1/S2)Lowongan Kerja De Heus Indonesia

Lowongan Kerja

Lowongan Kerja De Heus Indonesia

Lowongan Kerja De Heus Indonesia. Informasi lowongan kerja menjadi salah satu informasi penting bagi para pencari kerja, serta bagi perusahaan. Dimana bagi pencari kerja akan mempermudah jobseeker dalam mencari pekerjaan, dan bagi perusahaan akan mempermudah mendapatkan kadidat atau calon tenaga kerja dalam waktu singkat. sebagai salah satu portal online yang berfokus pada media informasi seputar lowongan pekerjaan di Indonesia. hadir dengan tujuan menjadi salah satu media informasi yang terpercaya. Dimana kami selalu berusahaan menghadirkan informasi seputar lowongan pekerjaan dari sumber-sumber terpercaya seperti HRD perusahaan, website resmi perusahaan, serta media media social terpercaya lainnya baik dari perusahaan resmi atau jasa rekrutment yang memiliki kredibiltas tinggi.

Lowongan Kerja De Heus Indonesia

Kali ini sedang ada informasi lowongan kerja dari Perusahaan produsen nutrisi hewani asal belanda “De Heus”. De Heus Indonesia (PT. Universal Agri Bisnisindo) perusahaan nutrisi hewan terkemuka asal belanda. De Heus didirikan sejak tahun 1911 di Belanda dan telah beroperasi di lebih dari 20 negara di seluruh dunia.  De Heus Animal Nutrition dipimpin oleh generasi keempat dari keluarga de Heus, Co & Koen de Heus. Keduanya memiliki peran sebagai CEO dan memimpin perusahaan bersama.

1. Accounting Staff

Requirements :

  • Bachelor degree in Accounting
  • Minimum 1 years of experience in related field or fresh graduate  are welcome to apply
  • Fluent in English
  • Able to operate Microsoft application and accounting software
  • Attention to detail

Responsibilities :

  • Manitoring expense/GL
  • Prepaire and coordination stock opname with  warehouse with  warehouse team
  • Stock opname reconcile
  • Stock opname report
  • Closing journal
  • Prepare FS Report
  • Make BS reconciliation
  • Complete audite request

2. Energy Efficiency Engineer


  • Bachelor degree in engineering, environmental science or sustainability related industry
  • Passion for sustainability
  • Have good knowledge of PLC and Scada
  • Able to operate AutoCad (minimal 2d Drawing)
  • Experience in the implementation of ISO  9001/14000/22000/45000

Responsibilities :

  • Implement and communication an sustainability program effectively to internal and external stakeholders
  • Monitor and measure progress of environmental and sustainability program afaint objectives as well as compliance to legal requirements and report the findings
  • Analyze, assess exiting program and process for potential inefficiencies, define and implement the appropriate economical solutions and ensure continuous improvement
  • Research and recommend solution to redoce water and energy consumtion at site as well as reduction off all froms of population
  • Plan, propose, supervise renewable energy project initiative on all operation
  • Research and recomend  methods for the usage and/or reduction of recycled and  sustainable materials at site in order to be more environmental friendly
  • Prepare the KPI for the Clobal Green Goals of Responsible feeding performance rating on energy, water and waste  management at site and offices
  • Promote activite and broad participation of Volunteers in all areas of the company’s effort in relation to sustainability

3. Industrial Relations & GA Specialist


  • Bachelor degree of law\Have 4 years working experience in related field
  • Has deep knowledge of the and regulatory environment in HR, preferably have handled or has exposure to labor cases/industrial relations
  • Fluent in English
  • Proactive has problem solving and willing to learn


  • Developing labir policies
  • Negotiating  collective bargaining agreements with the unicon
  • Managing grievance procedures
  • Overseeing dispute resolution involving employeers, management, unicons, government agencies, other firm , etc
  • Advising management on issues ragading union-management relations, such as contract negotiations
  • Consulting with members of the executive HR staff regarding personal policies
  • Developing and revising union contrcacts
  • Meeting with elected union officials
  • Preparing paperwork related to laber relation assigments
  • Managing and develop general affairs (GA) in the area of General Service such as maintenance management (building,car, etc)

4. QCP Staff


  • University graduate in with a major in mechanical of industrial engineering
  • Experienced 2 years in the quality control is preferred, but fresh graduate are welcome
  • Strong analytical and critical thingking
  • Fat learner and able to work independently/team, under stressful environment
  • Creative, selft motivated, clean and neat individual
  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to take inisiative and manage multiple project is required
  • Detail oriented and good team players


  • Check regulary granulation output from grinding machine
  • Check moinsture before conditioner and after peleting mac hine
  • Check moinsture just before bagging
  • Check fines before bagging
  • Check PDI of pallet
  • Give a feedback to production supervisor shen parameter out of specification
  • Saving the into the cerain files

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